About Us

Truemek Technical Services is an Industrial quality solutions provider in the field of QA/QC Inspections Third Party inspections, Non destructive testing, welding and quality management services with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. It is an independent organization which is also specialized in providing training in Welding, Non Destructive Testing and Quality Management. Our team of specialists is committed to offer you solutions to best suit your industry quality related requirements.

We undertake Third party inspection services on behalf of manufacturers, owners, engineering contractors and government agencies.

Our focus is to safely and responsibly improve business performance

While many of our services can be applied in any industry, our main focus industries are oil &gas, thermal power projects, hydro power projects, nuclear power projects, Irrigation projects and material fabrications

Truemek Technical Services is committed to ensure satisfaction of customers regarding quality and cost of our technology and services, enabling them to guarantee performance to the end user of the resultant product in terms of function, life cycle, cost & safety.

We offer timely services to various clients around India                                                                                                                                                                 

We made significant contribution as a responsible organization to the onshore and offshore industries.                                       

Our Qualified and experienced Inspection personnel are professionally trained and certified.